Our ideas are your successes!

We deal with communication and cooperation with the media on behalf of companies. We create press offices, run PR campaigns, organize events, motivate employees and prepare materials for internal communication. We have our own background of both television and photography productions. Movies, photo sessions and animations are produced in a complexed way: from a script and an idea, through a post production to passing it to the journalists.

PRactions is an agency which offers complexed PR campaigns and media service. We deal with both external relations (contacts with medias) and internal ones (contacts with employees inside companies by corporation medias). We plan the communication and strategy, create effective content and share our ideas. Our aim is an effective and challenging communication.

  • PR campaigns (relations with journalists, generating materials, monitoring)
  • Corporation campaigns (motivation for employees, internal events, corporation media: televisions, video newsletters, newspapers)
  • Press offices (journalists service),
  • Public Relations Officer (outsourcing as a way of a company representation in a contact with the media),
  • Communication service on the Internet: Facebook, YouTube, Google+, blogs,
  • Production of movies, photo sessions,animations and multimedia presentations for meetings and conferences.

Communication in our style

We look for non-standard ideas for communication. We observe everyday media transfers and we try not to copy the actions of our Customers competition. We treat our job not only as a marketing tool but also as a business strategy which is supposed to bring concrete financial effects. Journalists are our partners in everyday work. We help them to do their duties. This is how we understand the profession of a PRO.


For ING Life we have run actions for three years. We cooperate with the press office, marketing departement and sales support. We are responsible for materials production that are shown in an internal corporation tv, support communication with sale forces and Customers. We also support ING Life Co. in training projects and motivating events for employees. Together, we create movies, animations, presentations, photo sessions and non-standard communication actions.


It is our first Customer for whom we still work. During our cooperation the company developed to the enterprise in which few hundreds people work and which serves  tens of thousands of companies in a range of service SEM&SEO. Since the beginning of our cooperation we have been responsible for running the press office and generating the interest of media with the subject of an Internet advertisement. One of our biggest success is a material published on the front page of Wyborcza Newspaper dedicated to the issue of advertisement budgets in election campaigns of candidates for President of Poland.

Adam Collection

Adam Collection is a company which produces elegant ties for men and women. The owner came to us with a concrete task which was the increase the online shop turnover. Our strategy was based on the Internet using and video portals. We created Tie Knotting School on YouTube which quickly got more than million displays. Journalists from lifestyle magazines have been handed some articles about the history of the tie, different types and trends of knotting it and in the final of the campaign more than hundred  celebrities got the tie gifts from us. The ties from our Customer appeared in celebrities photos  in magazines and gossip services and they were also liked by hosts and guests of breakfast televisions.

I love. I do not hit!

It is an unique project which involved the whole group of celebrities and both government and public institutions representatives. Our task was to run the press office and organisation of media activity. As a part of the campaign, hundreds of billboards with Anna Przybylska, Magdalena Różczka, Piotr Gruszka and Piotr Adamczyk,among others, were hung in Poland. We served two editions of this campaign and more than 200 journalists.

No Solidarity Without Love – musical

Solidarity is a special slogan in Poland. Working for the biggest actors agency in the country, run by Jerzy Gudejko, we dealt with the musical in a media sphere. Our team has been informing journalists and the public about progress in preparation to the show and inviting journalist for the premiere. This huge event was overwhelmingly popular in the media and among celebrities.

Kosmica TV

In Kosmic TV work since 1.5 years. Our task is to emerge in the media esoteric topics: fortune telling, Tarrot, as well as informing the industry about the changes in the channel. Cooperation with Berlin is not only the press, but also the readiness to respond to crises media.

Dariusz Kordek

We started work for Dariusz Kordek when, as he mentioned in his interviews, “the phone didn’t ring“. We dealt with the actor’s complexed image. We created a professional webpage, dealt with his online activity and we interested media and also the so called colorful magazines in him. After few months, Dariusz got the proposition to take part in ‚Dancing with the Stars‘ and a big role in ‚Polita‘ musical and in ‚Singin‘ in the Rain‘ in which he plays until today.

Economic Forum

We served few editions of this event which attracts politicians and businessmen to Toruń from whole Poland. Every year, it is hard to count former, present and… future ministers and prime ministers who take part in the deliberations. Our team cooperated actively with local, all-Poland and foreign media. We created a press office and organised interviews with politicians.

IAB Poland

The Employers Association IAB Poland unites the biggest internet portals, advertisement networks and media houses. The task of IAB Poland is to educate the market in a range of effective using of the Internet. Our team served all IAB events, from the press side, including three editions of IAB Forum – the biggest e-marketing conference in Poland. We were also responsible for current journalists information about actions of Association and cooperation with government institutions.

Share 1%

Cycle of campaigns that were supposed to convince Polish people to share one percent of their income tax for public organisations. That action involved Andrzej Wajda, Piotr Adamczyk and Adam Małysz, among others. Our team served press conferences and contacted with the media. Campaigns were organised by National Expertise Centre.


During the First International Erotic Fair in Warsaw, our team was responsible for a full communication with the media. We created the press office and we were fighting with a negative image of other fairs that finished with scandals. We educated journalists about what the modern and cultural eroticism is. Together with a psychologist Maria Rotkiel – the ambassadress of the fair – we were convincing that eroticism on a high level exists and it is a healthy symptom in each person. During the first edition of the fair in 2013 we cooperated with more than 50 journalists from all over the world.

Paskal Isolations

We support the company in a range of promotion among journalists and Customers of modern isolation solutions. We generate articles concerning Honter poliurethane foam and we make video guidebooks about building houses. Our task is also to cooperate with journalists writing about isolations and modern techniques in construction.

The media...

…is our great passion. Press, radio, tv and Internet can be called our world. We are mediaholics in a positive meaning of this word. Communication, contact with people, inspiring and cooperation with journalists are tasks in which we can perfectly find ourselves.

Our team consists of specialists in a field of communication and information management. We have been learning journalism, PR and marketing at Warsaw University. We have seven years of experience in running PR campaigns and creating an image of our Customers. We start each day from a so called an hour for media. Our partners in everyday work, work there, in the media. Communication is our passion and we use its knowledge in everyday work.

Łukasz Jakubiak

Owner / PR adviser more

Amelia Jakubiak

PR adviser more

Sara Gołębiowska

production manager PHOTO/VIDEO more

Multimedia support of PR actions

Creating simple press information and sending them to journalists does not work anymore. Today, what really values is an announcement packed in an attractive and multimedia form. Thanks to our own background of TV and photography productions, just in few hours, we are able to encase the message in a video material and a photo. It is what distinguishes us from the competition and makes that we work quickly and effectively.

If you look for a professional and efficient agency which can support you and your departement in communication – let’s meet. We will introduce ourselves, present our ideas and then you will decide if we could realize the first project together.

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